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Updates on club activities

Update 14.04.2024

Next event

Our next competition shoot will be on Sunday April 21st at Kalbarrie. With the outdoor season proper starting on April 7th, members will have just two weekends to practice ahead of this shoot, which will be a 'National' round, with imperial distance options of 60/50 yards, 50/40yds, 40/30yds & 30/20yds. We shoot 4doz arrows at the longer distance then 2doz arrows at the shorter distance, all on 122cm target faces. This event will be round 1 of our new Outdoor League, which will be scored on a handicap basis.

Target sessions continue in the gym on alternate Thursday evenings from  April 11th, with Sunday outdoor sessions at Kalbarrie on summer hours (1000-1600) from April 7th now that the better weather is here...!


Other upcoming events

See the full 2024 calendar opposite/below.

Notice has been given of the club's AGM, to be held on May 19th after our morning 'National' shoot, aprrox. 1pm.

Recent events

Our last indoor competition shoot of the 2023/24 winter took place on March 24th at Piddlehinton gym.  We shot a WA25 round, involving 20 three-arrow ends on a 60cm target face (same size as the Portsmouth round face) at 25 metres. Some excellent scores were achieved, and once again a number of archers advanced their Archery GB classification and handicap quests.


Our February indoor competition shoot was held on the 25th at Piddlehinton gym again. This time we shot double Bray II rounds, involving two rounds of ten 3-arrow ends, each over 25yds at a 60cm target face, with a snack & refreshment break in between rounds. Good fun was had by all, and more archers achieved Archery GB classifications and/or decreased their indoor handicap values.

Update 15.01.24

We held an indoors 'Vegas' competition on Sunday

January 14th. Two 'Vegas 300' rounds were shot, with a refreshment break in between, a format that proved very popular with attendees.


Update 07.01.2024

Regulations for the new for 2024 club Outdoor League have been published on the Members' Info page.  Encompassing a total of seven club tournaments and scored on handicap-based adjusted scores, members will be challenged with Archery GB Imperial and World Archery Metric rounds.

Update 05.12.23
The first Indoor competition of the winter took place on December 3rd at Piddlehinton Gym, and despite a few non-starters there was healthy competition. Archers shot a 'Worcester' round and some good scores were achieved and some badges were won!  Scores were also put towards archers' Indoors Classifications.

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