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Updates on club activities

Update 14.07.2024

A decent summer's day on July 14th saw us tackle Bristol rounds, featuring a total of 12 dozen arrows shot at three distances, each 10yds shorter than the previous. 6 dozen arrows were shot before the lunch break and 6 dozen afterwards. Once again we scored the shoot on a handicap basis, this being Round 4 of our club Outdoor League, and the fourth different winner of the year emerged in what is turning out to be a fun., competitive and unpredictable season-long contest!

Next event

Our next competition shoot will be on Sunday August 18th at Kalbarrie. This will be round 5 of the new for 2024 Outdoor League, scored on a handicap allowance basis. For this and the remaining competition shoots of this season we will shoot "WA/Metric" rounds . These entail 6doz arrows at a single metric distance from 60m down to 20m (the latter a club variation on convention).

Target sessions in the gym (7-9pm) now alternate with outdoor sessions at Kalbarrie (6-8pm by week to week arrangement) on Thursday evenings, with Sunday outdoor sessions at Kalbarrie 1000-1600 until the end of October, unless otherwise notified.*


Other upcoming events

See the full 2024 calendar opposite/below.

Other dates to put in your diaries/calendars include:
July 20th Marnhull Fete 'Have a Go'.

*NB Kalbarrie will not be available on Sunday August 4th because our landowners are holding a private event in their grounds that day.

Recent events

On June 16th we shot another 'National' round, round 3 of our 2024 Outdoor League, scored on a handicap adjusted basis. A slightly diminished turnout of archers compared to usual (it being Father's Day) enjoyed a super morning's shooting, followed by a picnic lunch and a good time was had in pleasant conditions! Outdoor League positions are looking ever more interesting at this nearly halfway stage, with another four rounds to go through to October.

May 19th saw our second competition shoot of the season, another 'National' round, run nicely with a good turnout and some very decent adjusted scores coming in from newer members especially. Conditions were remarkably good considering the long, wet, cold spring.

Our first outdoor competition of 2024 went off very well on April 21st, with a nice sunny, if slightly cool day for shooting. With the exception of the overall winner, club coach Mike, who shot well under handicap, the rest of the entry was typically a little short of handicap scores, but this meant that there was very little in it between places. This should make for very interesting competition in the Outdoor League for the rest of the season.

Our last indoor competition shoot of the 2023/24 winter took place on March 24th at Piddlehinton gym.  We shot a WA25 round, involving 20 three-arrow ends on a 60cm target face (same size as the Portsmouth round face) at 25 metres. Some excellent scores were achieved, and once again a number of archers advanced their Archery GB classification and handicap quests.


Our February indoor competition shoot was held on the 25th at Piddlehinton gym again. This time we shot double Bray II rounds, involving two rounds of ten 3-arrow ends, each over 25yds at a 60cm target face, with a snack & refreshment break in between rounds. Good fun was had by all, and more archers achieved Archery GB classifications and/or decreased their indoor handicap values.

Update 15.01.24

We held an indoors 'Vegas' competition on Sunday

January 14th. Two 'Vegas 300' rounds were shot, with a refreshment break in between, a format that proved very popular with attendees.


Update 07.01.2024

Regulations for the new for 2024 club Outdoor League have been published on the Members' Info page.  Encompassing a total of seven club tournaments and scored on handicap-based adjusted scores, members will be challenged with Archery GB Imperial and World Archery Metric rounds.

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