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Updates on club activities


Update 26.11.23
Please note: the November 26th shoot has been postponed to December 3rd.

Entries have now closed for the first Indoor competition of the winter on November 26th at Piddlehinton Gym, and an excellent entry it is. Archers will shoot a 'Worcester' round with two special 16inch target faces one above the other placed at 20yds and shared between two archers. The round will be shot in six ends of five arrows. One archer will shoot thirty arrows at the upper face and the second archer will shoot thirty arrows shot at the lower face. After this the archers will switch faces, the archer who shot at the upper face will now shoot the lower face and vice versa for a further thirty arrows, making a total of 60 arrows. Maximum score is therefore 300. Badges can be won for scores from 100 to 250 in increments of 25, then 265, 275, 285, 295 and 300! And scores will also be put towards archers' Indoors Classifications.

Update 25.10.23
We shot our final event of the 'AGB Outdoor Classification' season on October 22nd, 'Long Metric' format this time, with starting distance options at 60m, 50m, 40m and 30m. 122cm target faces, 3doz. arrows at the starting distance then 3doz arrows at 10m shorter distance. The event was also used as a pilot for handicap-based adjusted results to be calculated as a prelude to a proposal for new things in 2024... watch this space for more on that in due course.
Warming spicy pumpkin soup & bun lunch was provided by John & Dee afterwards, and was followed by presentation of the hard-earned AGB Outdoor Classification badges gained by our shooting members in 2023. Well done all!

Indoors season gets underway. Update 25.10.23

Sunday afternoon (2-4pm) indoors sessions at Piddlehinton gym get underway on October 29th, and a Thursday evening session (7-9pm) is also available at a small additional cost to archers attending. Archery GB Indoors classifications based on Portsmouth and other rounds will be among the objectives, along with occasional competition shoots through the winter months.

Meanwhile, weather permitting, outdoor shooting will still be possible 10am to 12 noon most Sundays from November 12th (not November 5th due to a private function in the gardens and October 29th is scheduled for marquee take down in the morning); availability of the venue will be notified week to week. Please note: parking on the hardstand in front of the house only in winter to protect the grass.


Piddlehinton Gym update 28.8.23
The gym at Piddlehinton officially reopened for business after renewal of the roof and other refurbishments on Monday August 28th, Bank Holiday Monday. Hardy Country Bowmen were represented at the event and providing Have a Go's to interested attendees.






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