Archery in the beautiful Milborne St Andrew part of Dorset.

Beginners Course still available for July !!

This may be one of those occasions when you've said " I've always wanted to do that".  
  Well you can!
In secluded gardens in Milborne St Andrew, approximately 7 miles NE of Dorchester, Hardy Country Bowmen offer tuition in  "Target Archery" and "have a go" sessions for groups not exceeding 8 in total during holiday periods and the summer months.
As the temperature drops and the sun becomes more infrequent, archery tends to move indoors for the late autumn and winter months, in the nearby Piddlehinton gym.  However, it may continue outdoors should the sun shine and the fingers still have some feeling.  Tuition may continue through this period should there be enough interested parties (ie, four or more).  
Beginner's courses are available in the gardens in the summer months - so if you feel like having some fun and fresh air get in touch!

    Parking is allowed on the grounds, courtesy of the owners.

    Interested in trying this sporting activity, then go the "Beginners Page" and  learn more?

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