Archery club near Dorchester

National body costs and Club Fees

On successful completion of the Beginners Course, you will be offered club membership.  All club members are registered to the nation body the "Grand National Archery Society" within ArcheryGB, which requires annual subscription.  


GNAS Fees includes affilliation to the County (Dorset & Wilts Archery Association) and to the region under the Grand western Archery Society (GWAS).  


The second part of the membership fee is CLUB MEMBERSHIP component.

SENIOR club fees over 18 years are £25 and for JUNIORS £10.  Juniors are below 18 years on 5th September.

In summary:

  Beginners Course: ............................This is under review for this year (but may be £60)

  National body, Regional & County Affiliation Fees:  (renewable annually)

                     Adult (over 25).................GNAS & Affiliation Fees are :   £51

                     Adult (18 - 24)..................GNAS & Affiliation Fees are :   £13.50

                     Juniors (under 18)...........GNAS & Affiliation Fees are :  £13.50  

                    Any archer with disability may subscribe at a new rate of £10.50

Club Subscription:

                     Adult / annually   £25

                     Junior/annually   £10

  Therefore annual fees for an Adult = £51 + £25  (£76)

The club offers the use of club equipment for six months at £1 every time it's used for a settling-in period to buffer the added cost of buying individual equipment immediately. After six months, you will know whether archery is for you (or not)! 

Should you wish to purchase a bow and the associated equipment go the archery dealer web sites using the links shown below: